In order to maintain the integrity of the technique, Antigravity Aerial Yoga is a licensed and copyrighted programme. Licensing varies from country to country.

In the UK, licensing is £40 per month. This license allows you to teach Antigravity Yoga classes plus the following benefits:

  • Your website/facebook page listed on the website
  • Allow to use all the trademark logos and pictures
  • Access to already made marketing material
  • Benefit from our global and national advertising
  • Access to instructor section of website where you can  access choreographies, class planks, videos, and other teaching resources
  • Discounts when buying multiple hammocks
  • Discounts on official Antigravity clothing
  • and much more
Please note you can still do the training with us if you live in a different country. Please contact the master developer for your area for more info on licensing.

For more information on licensing in Ireland, UK, South Africa, Netherlands, Hungary and Belgium please email

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