Q: How many days are AntiGravity® Fitness Instructor Trainings? 

A: There are different levels of Certified AntiGravity Fitness Instructors. Level One is achieved by taking AntiGravity Fundamentals 1 & 2 which is a four day training. Further courses tend to be 2 day long.

Q: Can I teach wherever I want to once I pass the certification?

A: No. You must organize your instructor license if you wish to teach. You must also get the venue/s approved by us.

Q: Where are AG® Fitness Instructor Trainings held?

A: We have training facilities in Ireland and the UK

Q: What certifications are offered? 

A: We have five (5) Levels of certification for AG Fitness Instructors who present classes to the public.

a) Antigravity Fundamentals 1 & 2

b) Antigravity Aerial yoga 1

c) Antigravity Aerial yoga 2

d) Antigravity Suspension Fitness 1

e) Antigravity Suspension Fitness 2

Q: Is there a manual?

Yes, all courses come with a very comprehensive manual.

Q: What physical background is most helpful to become a Certified AG® Fitness Instructor?

A: The physical background you need to become an instructor depends on the track you choose to pursue, Aerial Yoga or Suspension Fitness. AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga is a hybrid technique. It combines elements from yoga, dance, gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, Pilates and calisthenics exercise. AntiGravity Suspension Fitness has a stronger focus on strength training, stretching and calisthenics as well as basic to advanced flips & tricks. For instructors who take to AG® Suspension Fitness track, the fastest learners tend to come from a dance or acrobatic background. In order to be a successful AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga or Suspension Fitness instructor in a group environment, a good physical background is recommended. For all potential AG® Fitness instructors, a strong passion for movement is needed. There is a linguistic vocabulary with detail that will need to be learned requiring a willingness to study. What is needed most is the desire and patience to master the technique.

Q: What qualifications are needed for certification?

A: A previous certification in Yoga, Pilates or any other Fitness program is recommended, but not required. In Ireland and the Uk you must have at least Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology (which is usually part of ETM, Gym and other courses).

Q: Do I need to have teaching experience in yoga?

A: There are no strict requirements to become an AG Fitness Instructor however we do have five recommendations. 1. Teaching Experience: Experience teaching in a group environment is very helpful. It doesn’t matter what the discipline is as long as one knows how to take charge of a room and maintain order. Although it is very helpful, it does not always need to be related to physicality. 2. Positive Outlook: The philosophy of AG® Fitness is based on having fun while getting fit. Everyone needs to leave class feeling successful and empowered. If an instructor takes themselves too seriously, a typical trap for cold-war style coaches, boot camp style trainers, ballet-master style dance instructors etc, they are not right for this technique. Enthusiasm is key to being an AG® Fitness instructor. This is not a typical workout, it is playful conditioning for body/mind/spirit. 3. Physical Background: Some experience combined in preferably two of the following disciplines helps insure success: yoga, dance, gymnastics, aerial arts, skating, martial arts, fitness training or other artistic sports OR qualifications in Pilates, yoga, fitness training, physical therapy. 4. Anatomy: Basic understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and body mechanics is very supportive to your learning and teaching approach. 5. Fit: AG® Fitness requires someone who maintains a consistent fitness regime and has a strong core. It does not require that one is without body fat, rather it requires that they are strong enough to lift their own body weight in different planes of motion.


Q: Are there renewal requirements and/or a renewal fee?

A: As from 2014 all licensed instructors will receive any new material through the ‘online’ Academy. However if after 1 year you have not started teaching under a license you will required to sit a 1 day refresher course to keep your instructor status active.

Q: What is the testing process?

A: We want to support your learning. Level One AG Fitness Instructors will be given a Readiness Assessment and a Self-Test as part of their learning experience. Both of these are done online at the convenience of the new instructor. There is also a practical exam in each course.

Q: How many instructors are currently certified worldwide?

A: As of January 2013 there are more than 400 certified instructors worldwide.

Q: Once I pass can I immediately begin teaching?

A: Once one has completed the training requirements (and all the assessments) you are permitted to teach the class material in which you have been trained under a license.

Q: Does my training count towards AFAA, Yoga Alliance, CYQ and/or ACE continuing education credits?

A: Yes, However, although the technique has already been approved (2009), we are required to approved each new rendition of the technique. Our most recent update submitted for approvals were done in June 2013 for the sake of obtaining credits from AFAA, Yoga Alliance, CYQ, and ACE for AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1 and 2, AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga 1 and 2, AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness 1 and 2, and AntiGravity® Yoga Restorative. Please check back after Summer 2013 regarding continuing education credits and where to submit. Until then, hold onto your certificate and receipt.

Q: How thorough is the training?

A: Although the training is a short period of time, it is very extensive and thorough. From the AntiGravity® Fitness philosophy to the exact sequencing and progressions, to the maintenance of the hammock, to how to structure a class, you will be given everything you need to know in order to teach a class. Whether or not you become an instructor has to do with the time you put in to learning the technique thoroughly.

Q: What things can I do to prepare for the AntiGravity® Fitness Instructor Training?

A: Ideally you should be on a Harrison AG® Hammock and in classes. However, if that is not an option, then study the website to learn more about AntiGravity the company, get your core strong and go over your anatomy terms.

Q: What differentiates AntiGravity® Fitness from their aerial competitors?

A: AG® Fitness is the only aerial yoga program that is certified by the governing bodies of America and the EU. Christopher Harrison is the originator of the suspension fitness and aerial yoga genres and the inventor of the silk hammock apparatus. He has put 10 years into developing the technique and along with his international team they have put many years into creating the program. He personally sees to it that all trainings are in line with his standards and that the manuals are very thorough.

Q: Do I still need 50 apprenticeship hours?

A: We do not have the bandwidth to monitor this properly and we found that the requirement was only discouraging students to begin teaching. With the online videos to study and succinct class designs now in place, this is less important. As from January 2014, we suggest a self-imposed apprenticeship, but do not enforce one that we track.

Q: How strict is the license agreement? Can I teach at other “unofficial” studios?

A: No, You may only teach under an Antigravity Yoga license and only at approved locations. Remember you must get the location approved by us before you deliver classes there.

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