Antigravity Kids

AntiGravity® Kids

For the first time ever, AntiGravity Fitness proudly introduces our program designed for children. This four-day comprehensive training is supported by three years of beta testing and provides a clear advantage for any future physical endeavors. This course provides you with over 75 original poses and sequences that promote play and develop imagination. These age specific courses range from birth to ten years old. Included are template lesson plans for 10 week sessions and for summer camps.
This course is divided into two parts and backed by the AntiGravity Digital Academy(AGDA).

Part 1 (ages birth to 5 years old)

This Parent/Child Course is for children and their parent or caregiver. The curriculum promotes bonding techniques through physical fitness and includes the wonderful sensation of flight. The parent will experience core strength building, gentle stretching and inversions. The trainee will learn to guide parents as they model, assist and practice with their children. Each class introduces the element of lightness and play, while building on the previous week’s practice.
Part 2 (ages 5 to 10)
This drop-off course expands the curriculum, adding more teaching techniques and themed tricks for children. Each section has been carefully crafted to include swinging, spinning, stretching, gripping, and inverting. These techniques fine-tunethe kinesthetic and vestibular systems of the body. Clear nomenclature supports brain acuity for the child, a crucial stepping stone in early childhood development. Trainees will learn verbal cueing, games and teaching tips to challenge them.
The hours of most trainings are generally 9:00AM to 5:00PM, with a midday lunch-break (subject to the discretion of “AntiGravity® Fitness” and the “Instructor Trainer”).

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